Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bed Rest Day #8

As most of you know, Baby P was originally due July 31st. This was a beautiful due date that allotted Chris and I ample time to prepare for the arrival of our first child. However, I have always credited God for his amazing sense of humor throughout my life. This time, like so many before, reminds me of a plan He had that was much greater than my own. Everything in the past 7 days have been reflective of God's control in the birth of our baby, and truly had nothing to do with Chris, myself, and our "beautiful birth plan" hahah. To update you, I am currently on indefinite hospital best rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. My short term goal is to at least carry the baby till 32 weeks (which is 5 days away) if not longer. I am 3 cm dilated which means he can come at anytime...today...tomorrow...10 weeks from now! I am starting to think God really wanted to teach me patience! On an up note, the baby is doing fantastic! He has such a strong heartbeat, he is EXTREMELY active, has received steroids to aide in his lung development, and is currently 3.3lbs and 15 inches long!!! I thought this blog would act as a good way to communicate with friends and family during this time,  and be a theraputic release for myself as I work through a worldwind of emotions that are very new, exciting, uncomfortable and scary. The time so far has been passed with ease because of our unbelievably supportive families and friends who have done everything from bringing me sweets and flowers to helping Chris move ( did i mention we are moving this week...hahahh) and organizing my things at our new house. To them I will forever be grateful! Last but not least, I have to touch on the servanthood of my husband. In the past 8 days he has done more for our little family than I could do in my lifetime. This includes bringing me dinner from Ciao Pasta so that we could have a dinner date. My love for him is beyond measure. I'll wrap this first entry up with an encouraging verse a friend gave me the other day. Truly puts things in perspective. xoxoxo
"" Consider it all joy, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result so that you may be perfect and complete- James 1:2-4"