Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who You Calling a Preemie????

So, almost 5 months have passed and I am juuust getting back to our blog for the first time. Please forgive my absence, but we have been in straight SURVIVAL MODE!!!!  Holy life shift!!!  Everything to date is completely upside down, turned around, and twisted in a million directions....However, it is safe to say... I am LOVING it! The first few months proved to be the most trying, exhausting, humbling, and forgiving months in both Chris and I's life. Our circumstances were greatly intensified which ultimately brought about added pressures and emotions that I don't think ,looking back, we were equipped to deal with,...individually and as a couple. We have greatly relied on prayer and knowing that God has never left, nor will he ever leave our side. He has shown us the reward of having faith in knowing His plan is greater than our finite understanding. I know I have talked about Gods plan in a few other blogs....However, I find myself always going back to this because for whatever reason, during times of defeat I always question God???? You would think by now i would know better. The reward Chris and I are reaping at this moment, is an indescribable love I NEVER thought was possible. I am back to work on Monday, and we just finished our first "trial" day at daycare. The baby did fine....I however was a complete disaster, crying whenever i thought about my bubbs being away from me. Being a teacher, i have definitely come across parents, like myself, and instantly thought.."Dear lord they need to cut the cord and let their children have a little independence"....haha my opinion, to say the least, as become one of much more empathy. Here are a few pics to update my friends and family xoooxox

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