Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Day of Sunshine

A couple days ago my friend Katie was visiting as the nurse came in and announced " we are taking a trip outside!". I almost wet my pants, I was so excited!!!! You would have thought I was raised in a cave based on my reaction! The nurse brought in a wheelchair, grabbed a pillow for me to sit on, and we were on our way. Katie pushed me into the hallway, where I met 3 other girls on bed rest. The minute I saw them, I whispered...Oh my gosh Katie...get me a comb...GET ME A COMB!". They looked amazing!!! Hair was done, makeup on, fingers and toes painted, and all dressed in cute little outfits. I almost died!! I looked like I had rolled out of a bush, threw on pajamas, and forgot to paint my eyebrows!!!hahah
We proceeded outside for some well needed sunshine and quickly got to know each other.
They began asking me questions..."so how many babies are you carrying?, how long have you been here? how many weeks are you?
I answered them confidently, thinking their responses to the same questions would most likely be similar.
" 1 baby boy, 11 days, and a little over 31 weeks"
To put it nicely....they were soooooo unimpressed!!! Each of the girls were carrying 2, 3, and 4, babies!!!! they had been here for over 10 weeks, and none of them were over 31 weeks along!! I have never in my life felt like more of a wimp!!!!! My attitude immediately changed, and I refuse EVER to feel sorry for myself!!!!haha
Upon my arrival back to in the room, I did what any girl would do......I called a manicure/pedicurist to come in and make me feel normal!!!!!
From this day forward, I vowed to get up each morning, brush my hair, put on some make up and STOP acting like I am waiting out a jail sentence! We will be taking another trip outside in a day or so...this time, the nurse said Chris could bring BELLA LOOOVE!!!!! Don't be surprised if I inform you that I actually "did pee pants" when this happens!!!!! I can't wait to see her squished little face!

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