Thursday, June 16, 2011

La vita e' bella...

Where to begin... If you can imagine your entire life...worries, cares, ideals, opinions ..all changing in a matter of moments, then you can begin to understand the unbelievable change that has happened within my heart since Gianluca Mitchell love..was born on June 11th at 4:48 pm xoxxo my life has forever been changed. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to share of his birth story, seeing that it was the most sacred moment Chris and I have ever experienced... What I came up with, was this..

Gianluca's life, since the minute he was conceived has been completely controlled by God's will. Everything Chris and I have gone through has been a small intricate part to a plan bigger than we can ever fully understand. When I first saw my baby, it all made since...I felt like I had always known him..from his first movements that mimiced the way he moved in my belly, to they way he looked at me when I first stroked his cheek. He is by far the most amazing accomplishment ...we could ever receive. He was set on coming early. Which if anyone knows me, should find this to be ironic..seeing that I haven't been early for anything in my entire life hahaha... I went into the hospital at 30.2 weeks in preterm labor. The doctors and nurses did an amazing job keeping Gianluca cozy for almost 3 more weeks while he developed. At 32.6 weeks, he had enough and insisted on joining our family xoxox

This picture makes me laugh because I was 5 cm dilated and insisted on taking a picture to capture the moment. I think our faces truly describe "active labor" hahah
                                                                      My baby love

As of today, 6/16/11...Gianluca has been in the world for 5 days. The NICU nurse this morning referred to him as the "angel baby". She said there were so many concerns they were told to look for as they waited for him to arrive on June 11th. He has shown everyone that God has had his life planned before we even knew he was coming to us. He is currently 4.2lbs, taking a bottle everyother feeding, and will be attempting to breastfeed tomorrow. He is half way to completing his goal of 8 bottles ( a bottle every feeding) a day. Once this is met, he will be able to come home :) My wonderful friend Kit put it perfectly when she said, " if he's anything like his dad, he'll be putting those 8 bottles down in no time!!!" hahah
He is able to maintain his own body temperature, and has no more signs of jaundice. Today they moved him from the isolate and into an open crib. Chris and I are getting hands on training!!!! We both feed him 3x a day and change his diapers. It is quite a sight hahah. We love you all and are so grateful for all the love, support, phone calls, and emails we receive everyday. Chris and I will never be able to express how much all of it means to us. I cannot wait for all of you to meet the handsome Gianluca...he is simply amazing!!!oxoxo


  1. LOVE him! AHH!! so happy for you jana!!! What a testimony of God's protection and will for your little angel! Hope you keep loving keeping up with you this way :)

  2. What a wonderful story! Thinking good thoughts for you and your family and sending lots of aloha over the Pacific! I too hope you keep blogging! Can't wait to see the little man turn into an adorable chubbers one day! :)