Thursday, June 9, 2011

This territory goes uncharted...

It has been a few days since my last post, and much has happened. I have begun forming new friendships with two of the other girls on bed rest. We all religiously watch each of  the baby screens to see if one of us is going into labor, and bombard the nurses, who are NOT allowed to tell us anything about other patients, for updated news on each others conditions. I think we are wearing the nurses down, because a few will deliver updates without having to ask anymore:) The highlight of our days is our "freedom roll" outside to the courtyard, next to the fountain, in a direct path with the blazing sun. We all secretly hope to get amazing tans while we soak up our 30 minutes of sunshine as we pretend we are at a pool "VIP-ing" it up in our private roped off section hahha (We have a lot of time to imagine people!!!!). Nicky and Jordan came on our "roll" with us the other day, where we convinced the nurse to take us to the gift shop on our way back in to "have a look around" :)
Our stalking screen :)
Off to the "pool"
Gift shop fun

Jordan and Nicky having way too much fun xoxoxo

Yesterday, a turn of events happened, where once again, I was forced to roll with this crazy pregnancy and soak in the beauty of this unpredictable adventure. Doctors and nurses came in informing me I had a leak in my fluid bag and they needed to do an ultrasound to measure the amount of liquid the baby had to move around in. The doctor confidently proclaimed that it was a very small leak, and that the baby had ample fluid to move and grow in. He still predicted I could carry this baby possibly to 36 weeks if I kept very calm, stayed laying on my side, and had restricted movements (bathroom, shower, and outside privileges). I knew I had to buck up and deal with this as much as I loved my small bits of freedom. Approximately 6 minutes after the doctor left, I looked at Chris with a ghost like face and said, "Bubbs....I am soaking wet!". My water had completely broken!!!!!! This changed everything. Doctors and nurses flew in and out of my room, IVs were hooked up, baby was put on  24 hour monitoring along with my contractions, and education specialist were sent in to help us prepare for a premature baby. To say the least I have had every emotion possible, some at the same time, along with feelings of helplessness knowing our baby is still 8 weeks early. 
   The doctors have assured me they are confident, because the baby received steroids, that he is healthy and will be completely healthy upon his "chosen" arrival. It has been 24 hours since my water broke. The doctors are not doing anything to stop birth at this time. All of this truly IS and HAS been completely on God's timing. They predict he will be here in the next 48 hours but WHO KNOWS??? haha If he doesn't come by 34 weeks (June 19th), they plan on inducing me and getting him out to prevent any type of infection from setting in.
    I thought the title of this blog " This Territory Goes Uncharted", was so appropriate based on this wild journey and exciting future ahead of Chris and I, that even if we tried to plan for, will continue to surprise us beyond our skills and readiness for the future. The only thing I am certain of, is the immense amount of love I have for this baby boy. What a blessing he is to me xoxoxo
- Jana

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  1. ahhh!!! so excited for yall!!! a little baby boy in your arms SOOOO soon! can't wait to hear the updates! Love ya :)