Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A perfect fit...

Life as we know it does not stop, slow down, pause, or care when changes occur. It does not feel empathy, or even notice when you are struggling to juggle something new in your life. Time doesn't acknowledge the physical or emotional newness...and basically belts out " MAKE IT FIT" as it continues to pass you by. So...that's what we are doing... making it fit.  Some days it  feels like we haven't had a second to breathe, eat, or talk...Between the three feedings we take part in, training when we are with him, the 19 different alarms that go off in the NICU setting Chris and I into perpetual panic, the 7-12 "pumping" times required to provide nutrition for our baby and both of us still working and existing in our own life....it feels at times that we are barely staying afloat. Being new parents has proven to be tough....being NICU "new" parents is proving to be nothing less than a roller coaster world of emotions leaving us in a constant state of questioning.

Ironically...amongst all of this....there are these perfect moments of silence..where everything goes away and time stops. Contradictory to the above....One of the sweetest things about welcoming our new baby is learning how perfectly we all fit together, as if , there was always a perfect space for him in  our family.

Amongst the newness, chaos, and separation I feel....I also feel so content and peaceful, knowing Chris and I get to be parents to Gianluca....and his beautifully sweet spirit.
Again, thank you to everyone who has been patient with Chris and I, as we take each moment to bond, and learn about our new addition.
                                                              Chris's first Father's Day

Many of you ask about Gianluca's health, and status as far as his arrival home. He is doing fantastic! Taking 6 bottles a day and successfully has begun breastfeeding in small increments. He is 4 lbs 7oz  and is in an open crib. They don't give us an exact discharge date,because preemies often take 4 steps forwards and 3 back. We have seen this happen, and all it means is that he needs more time:) he is still only 34 weeks old... They think he will most likely be kept for 1-2 more weeks. Your prayers, and encouragement are indescribable! Thank you xoxoxo


  1. Beautiful Jana. You are magnificent.

  2. How I miss you!!! I wish more than anything you lived close by!!xoxoxo